Sep 5, 2010

Pink Project

Italian Pink Project was mainly a production team, consisting of Stefano Pulga, Luciano Ninzatti, Matteo Bonsanto and Massimo Noè. In early 1982 they began making mash-ups of different disco acts, some of the very first mash-ups of its kind. What I admire is that no samples where used, every arrangement was re-played, and in "Disco Project" the choir kids where brought in from the international school in Rimini. "Disco Project" is a mash-up of Pink Floyd and two songs by The Alan Parsons Project, it became a huge hit in Italy. After the success with "Disco Project", they decided to make an album only with mash-ups. The album "Dominó" has some truly great moments, but also some lows, like the italo disco version of "smoke on the water"!. My personal favourite is the mash-up between The police and Donna Summer, "Voices of Independence", it got a slow afro-reggae-boggie feel over it I really like. Check out the other mash-ups too, I'm sure you can recognise some songs in there.

Pink Project - Disco Project
Pink Project - Voices of Independence

Pink Project - Der da da da

Pink Project - Amama

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