Aug 28, 2010

Look de Ibiza

I would have liked to experience Ibiza back in the mid-80's, sun, cocktails, naked women and good music. Two of China was apparently bringing the heat to the dancefloor with his version of Los Niños del Parque, and Sandy Marton was at his highest with his well named hit, People from Ibiza. Really good dancefloor classics.

Two of China - Los niños del Parque (Corrida mix)

Sandy Marton - People from Ibiza

The original version of Los niños del Parque was made by the german electropunk band Liasons Dangereuses in 1981. It became an underground hit, and many 80's Chicago house and Detroit techno artists saw it as a big musical influence. Truely pioneers with their style and the song is by far the best version.

Liasons Dangereuses - Los niños del Parque

2 kommentarer:

Peter said...

fantastiske stemnings videoer fra ibiza. sejt de spiller holiday rap :)

J D said...

Ja helt sikkert, jeg er også vild med drengene der laver fingerspin med pladerne